3 – The Empress

Card:  3 – The Empress

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  A woman appears to be emerging from a sea of ripe fruit.  Among the fruit is a pomegranate split in half exposing the seeds.  She is shirtless, shown from the ribcage up, with a lace shawl draped over her left shoulder concealing the breast.  Her expression is peaceful, beatific, yet somewhat sad.  There is a halo around her face that calls to mind looking up at the sky through a forest of tall, straight trees.  Inside the halo, over the right part of the face, is a constellation I don’t recognize – though it looks a bit like Orion, its not.  I’ve checked star charts and couldn’t find it.

Character Analysis:  I do not know this character.  I actually find this preferable.  One of my few complaints about this deck it that  when it depicts a character that is well known to me I have some trouble distinguishing what I’m getting from the card itself and bits of half remembered stories.

Astrological Attribution:  Venus

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All the sweetness life has to offer

Traditional ideas of feminity

Persephone emerging from the Underworld


Joni Mitchell

III - The Empress