On the Great Christopagan Debate of 2013

So far I’ve remained silent on the Great Christopagan Debate of 2013 because I figured I had nothing of substance to add.

I do have opinions on the subject, relatively strong ones, but I don’t think the internet needs yet another blogger saying what amounts to “I agree with bloggers A, B, and C, understand but disagree with X, Y, and Z, and basically think H, Q, and θ have gone round the bend.”

Turns out though, I do have one thing I really need to say on the subject:

Christians are not my enemies.

Moslems are not my enemies.

Neopagans are not my enemies.

Reconstructionist polytheists are not my enemies.


Fanatics are my enemies.


3 thoughts on “On the Great Christopagan Debate of 2013

  1. ibgreenie3 says:

    Touche! Point well taken.

  2. Clear, simple, effective and beautifully put. We couldn’t agree more with the sentiments you express in your post. A quick look around pagan/occult forums, boards and blogs will show how easy it is to find people expending time and energy, pointing out the deficiencies in someone else’s spiritual path rather than than looking at their own. Then again, they do seem to enjoy doing this, delighting in the confrontation.

    Maybe the problem with the attitude you and ourselves take……is that it’s just not that exciting!

    • Agathi says:

      Thank you!

      You have a good point. Personally, I think the pagan/polytheist/occult community could use a break from excitement from time to time.

      But then, what would we all blog about?

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