When real life collides head on with the important stuff…

Nothing like a job interview at 9AM the morning after a night of sacred revelry to make a girl feel really at her best.

I was going to try to imbibe moderately last night, you know – just enough to be polite.  Yeah….  right.  One doesn’t worship Dionysos moderately.  One worships Him with everything they are.

Still, He took good care of me.  The hangover was very mild, and unnoticeable at the interview.  I think it went well.

Tonight is… problematic.  We have social obligations that can’t be cancelled and do not mesh well with the spirit of the day.  Thinking of dining with guests then supping with Orestes after.  After that, the park – dolls and swinging for Erigone, and then the crazy sex.

We have the best holidays.  Even the really disturbing ones.  No, especially the really disturbing ones…

As for the job interview, that’s now in the hands of the Gods – which is really the best place for it to be.


5 thoughts on “When real life collides head on with the important stuff…

  1. Happy Anthesteria and best of luck with the interview!

  2. I am glad I don’t suffer hangovers, which is going to make getting up really early tomorrow morning going to Anchorage’s fur Rondezvous festivities a bit less painful then it could be 😉
    It sounds like you have a great plan lines up, even if a bit hectic!

    • Agathi says:

      Lucky you! Both on the hangovers and the Fur Rondy! My sweetie and I were up in Anchorage last year at the opening of the Iditarod. (It was our honeymoon.)

      Happy Anthesteria!

      • Happy Anthesteria to you too! And I am glad you had the opportunity to experience Alaska in its frozen state and be able to enjoy such a fun occasion…I always say it is our last ditch attempt to forget for a moment how eternally long the winter is here 😉 Ah so your anniversary must be coming up soon, so an early happy anniversary!

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