Well, I’m Back… I think

Olympian moon

Olympian moon (Photo credit: Greg Gladman)

It’s crazy here right now. Literally crazy – but I seem to have adjusted well to the medication. And figuratively crazy – the holidays, the job search, the landlord expecting rent money… But I think I’m back to a place where I can start writing again relatively regularly.

I’ve signed on for the Pagan Blog Project for 2013 and am excited to be able to start from the beginning. I’ve got the first several weeks worth of topics pinned down. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Some New Year’s resolutions: Though I make no claims to being a reconstructionist, I’ve been wanting to add more practice to my practice. So I’ve made myself a copy of the Hellenion calendar and have promised myself I will start making monthly libations to the Olympians using their schedule. I’ve also committed myself to making monthly offerings to the Agathos Daimon (my first 2013 PBP topic) and a few other practice related things. Will keep y’all updated here as to how that all goes.


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