To all my friends who voted for Romney:

I know there are a few of you: whether Tea Partiers, fervent supporters, or those who quietly cast their vote for what they believe in. I just wanted to say: I sincerely sympathize.

I remember how disgusted and frightened I was when Bush was elected. And re-elected.

I won’t ask you to stop complaining. I know I didn’t stop for about 8 years.

But the thing is, even if things do go very badly (as they did under Bush), you get to try again in four years.

Two actually – mid-terms don’t get the attention of a presidential race, but they are just as important. Congress actually has more power to change things for better or worse in many areas.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that its an election. One that didn’t go your way. It’s really NOT Armageddon, I swear.

So please, take a keep breath and calm the fuck down.

If you want, prepare for next time. I know I will be.

That’s how democracy works.


3 thoughts on “To all my friends who voted for Romney:

  1. I’m not shy, I was pulling (strongly) for Romney. This election (and prior elections) for me has never been about Republican vs. Democrat. I sincerely believe that Obama is going to hurt this country … he’s already damaged our “credit score”, ran up more national debt than all the presidents prior, and is being far too evasive about Fast & Furious and the whole Lybia thing for a man of truth. He failed to come through on MANY of his promises, and I just don’t trust him (I don’t really trust any politician, but him more than most). My prediction is that unemployment will not improve much, more people will be on government assistance than there are even today, and our national debt will jump another 5 to 6 trillion dollars.

    That being said … congratulations on the victory and que sera … sera.

    • Agathi says:

      You were pulling for Romney? Really? I had no idea. (<- teasing.)

      I'll happily join the schadenfreude tango over all the rape apologists getting their asses kicked, but overall I wish more people were like you. Whoever we voted for, we're all in it together.

      I was actually thinking of a cousin of mine when I wrote this. He's been spewing hate and prophecies of the coming Armageddon on his FB page since election night. I was kinda hoping he'd see this and take the hint.

      Foolish – since I'm sure reading a pagan blog would cause his head to explode.

      • You know me … I’m an all or nothing kind of guy, and not afraid to have an opinion. Probably not quite as fearless as Bob, god love him but I look at voting kind of like having a girlfriend (or boyfriend if you will) … if you’re too ashamed to admit you’re with her … you probably shouldn’t have voted for her to begin with LOL.

        Once the polls have closed, we should go back to being one nation. In every fight there is a winner and a loser, such is life. Win some … lose some … as the addage goes. BUT … we are all Americans at the end of the day. I love my country, but I have feared my government for a while now … though I seriously doubt we are facing armageddon … that would be a heafty feat indeed even for the leader of a nation.

        Anyhow, looking forward to your next post 🙂

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