21 – The World

Card:  21 – The World

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  Glowing green primordial ooze.  Silhouettes of plant life.  A female form seems to be emerging from the ooze or sinking into it.  The figure has no head, hands, or feet – or these extremities are still submerged.  A wreath of metal flecks dominates the center of the card, above it is a scrap of paper with color samples.

Another image I’m not wild about.  For the reasons noted on The Star, but also because its just not McKean’s best work.  The composition is stagnant, uninspired.

Character Analysis:  The character illustrated on this card is supposed to be the Swamp Thing, but he’s not really here – merely suggested in the plant silhouette.  What seems to be illustrated instead is the vegetable spirit of the Earth, “the Green,” that he communes with.

Astrological Attributions:  Saturn

My Stuff:

The World, The Universe, The Aeon

All that is and ever will be


The physical world as opposed to the spiritual one

Opinions of others

Weight of the World

Deep, deep primal truths

Looking outward

I get by with a little help from my friends…

Carlos Santana


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