17 – The Star

Card:  17 – The Star

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: A headless form, initially appears to be female, but the right side is obscured in such a way to suggest a hermaphrodite. Three golden vessels are attached to the figure all pouring forth clear water. Behind it is a circular shape accented by a few gold stars. Over the right side of the image appear the gold flecks from Temperance and the Hanged Man.

This is such a positive card for me, and I don’t like this image.  None of the figures in this deck, male or female, are entire and proportional but this card, Temperance, and the World bring to mind the documentary series Killing Us Softly about how advertising completely objectifies women by reducing them to their “important” parts.  I seriously doubt that’s what McKean intended, but there it is.

Astrological Attributions: Venus

My Stuff:



A good omen

The opposite of the Tower – things are going your way

Take a chance



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