16 – The Tower

Card:  16 – The Tower

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: A huge tower on an outcropping of rock, struck by lightning. It appears to be exploding from the top and flames ring it’s middle. Falling from it are a book, on the left, and something not quite identifiable on the right – upside down, it looks a bit like a woman’s tank top or camisole, with words across the chest.

Astrological Attributions: Mars

My Stuff:


The Gods are laughing at you

Things are not going your way- gather your resources to weather the storm

Roll with the punches – and there will be punches

Damage control

A warning – something’s amiss, but you’ve got the chance to set it right if you act

Jimi Hendrix



One thought on “16 – The Tower

  1. I love and hate this card! It’s relatively beautiful but dreadful at the same time.

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