14 – Temperance

Card:  14 – Temperance

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: A form wrapped in twine. Superimposed over it are parts of a woman, as if cut from a photograph – two eyes, a mouth, a breast. (Very disturbing from a feminist perspective. Be warned: The Star and the World also have serious dismemberment issues.) In this card, it represents the fractured personality of Delirium of the Endless. Her hair streams upward, resembling a flame. Her hands appear to be juggling two golden ovals, as if the urns she was holding had disappeared leaving only their insides. Between them flows a golden light. Behind her is a green egg shape, around it a glowing like fire. The upper part of the card features the same metallic specks seen in the Hanged Man.

Character Analysis: Delirium is the anthropomorphic personification of her name. She was once known as Delight. As a figure for the Temperance card, she serves as a warning of what can happen due to it’s lack: Delight turns to Delirium. She is sister to Death and The Hierophant (Dream.)

Astrological Attributions: Aquarius

My Stuff:

Balance, moderation

The middle path


Blending of two worlds – multiple worlds, multiple elements

Folly of extremes

Wisdom of diversity

Ray Manzarek


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