13 – Death

Card:  13 – Death

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: A young, dark haired woman – Death of the Endless – holds in her hands a blue rose in full flower.  Around her neck she wears an ankh.  Superimposed over the left side of the image is a ribcage.  In the upper left of the image, three copies of the same photo of a hand – first a negative print, then two positive.  The positive print is repeated again in the lower left, but darker and in an earthy brown color.  The right side of the image is mostly solid black.

Character Analysis: They’ve gone quite literal here.  The character of Death is, well, the anthropomorphic personification of death.  She is sister to Dream (The Hierophant.)  This Death isn’t the terrifying robed figure with a scythe from folklore.  She is friendly, personable, quite attractive – but she takes her job seriously.  Because sometimes death is a welcome friend.

Astrological Attributions: Saturn

My Stuff:

The one thing everyone is told about the Tarot:  Death doesn’t mean “death”

But it does

All change is a death – that’s why its so scary

An ending that is also a beginning

Death of a way of life

“Look on every exit as an entrance somewhere else.”


David Bowie


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