11 – Justice

Card:  11 – Justice

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  A world war one gas mask and a fedora representing the golden age Sandman (no connection to Dream from the Hierophant.)   There’s no indication whether there is a person wearing them, no eyes peer out from the lenses of the mask.  Scales, weighing childishly drawn eyes.  Another pair of eyes below the scale.  In the upper left, a newspaper photo of a child, bringing to mind the Judgement of Solomon usually depicted on this card.   Torn bits of newsprint make up the upper back ground.

Astrological Attributions:  Libra

My Stuff:

Justice and the wisdom & strength to make it real

Divine justice

Blind justice

Blind injustice

Balance, equilibrium, equity


Instant Karma

Cold reason, analytical



Themis as goddess of law and order

Metis and her daughter Athena

Justice sought by individual when the system fails

Alternately, the courts – the system working as it should

Very dependent on associated cards (or card’s orientation if one reads reversals)

Frank Zappa


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