9 – The Hermit

Card:  10 – The Hermit

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  The head of a man in a fedora, shadowy, reminiscent of classic b & w detective films.  The illustration is entirely in black and white.  before the man’s fact are two hands.  The one on the left (his right hand) is black, the other white.  In the bottom left corner is a tree and behind it a sky with fluffy white clouds.

Character Analysis:  The Phantom Stranger is a mysterious character, as one could guess from his name.  Its is never made clear exactly who or what he is – one story line suggests that he is an angel who remained neutral in Lucifer’s war, and therefore didn’t quite fall, but was banished from heaven.  He is immensely powerful, but remains neutral in most cases.

Astrological Attributions: Taurus, Virgo

My Stuff:

Introspection, meditation, contemplation

Action is not required

Gathering of resources

Inner focus

Healing – putting the pieces back together

Diogenes’ search

You’re on our own, but you’ll do

Jeff Beck


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