10 – The Wheel of Fortune


Card:  10 – The Wheel of Fortune

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: Like the last, this card is not very colorful.  It’s tones are slightly warmer, more sepia than grey.  A pair of eyes looks out from behind a 12 spoked wheel.  The wheel is still, though the spokes are slanted to suggest motion.  Above the forehead, crumpled paper or fabric suggest a turban.  A snake slithers down the left side of the wheel, while a bird headed woman climbs up the right.  Superimposed over the wheel and the upper part of the turban are star charts.  At the bottom of the card, handwritten text in French (which I would try to translate, but my vision isn’t quite up to deciphering the writing.)

Astrological Attributions:  Jupiter

My stuff:

The cards don’t want to answer this question right now, or already have and you’re being dense.  (I often get this card when I’ve repeated a question)


What goes up must come down


What goes around comes around

Stevie Ray Vaughan


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