Happy John Lennon Day!

This is a free account and I can’t imbed videos. So I’ll just make a strong suggestion: everybody go find a copy of Imagine (here’s one) and give a listen. Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait right here.

Now don’t you feel better?  More hopeful about the future of humanity?  What, you feel like crying instead?

Yeah, I get that too.

Anyway, this post is actually meant to be relevant to this blog in more than just a John-Lennon-was-Awesome sort of way.  With Samhain coming up, like many pagans I’ve been thinking about ways to honor my ancestors.  For a long time I’ve wanted to incorporate an altar for the beloved dead and regular offerings in my practice.  I really want to include all of my “beloved dead,” not just family.  There are many among my beloved that aren’t related to me at all – I never knew them in this life.  Like John, they are not great heroes of my nation or direct benefactors of my family.  Yet, I adore them and they had a part in making me the woman I am today.

Ryan at Pagan Reveries talks about the cult of the poet hero in this and many excellent posts following it.  This is kind of what I’m thinking about, but not all of my beloved were poets, either.  Cultural heroes, maybe – as in heroes of arts and science?

Lennon, Morrison, Vaughan, Tesla, Einstein, Galileo, Lovelace, Byron, Shelley, Emperor Julian, Hypatia, Hildegard von  Bingen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Josephine Baker, Rumi, Wilde, Bradbury, Vincent, Leonardo

Those of you who do honor your ancestors as a regular practice, do you only include those genetically related to you?  Or do you also honor those people who have made you who you are in ways other than biological?  Or do you feel this would be a slight to your physical ancestors?


2 thoughts on “Happy John Lennon Day!

  1. Ryan says:

    Glad to see that someone else out there is celebrating the Poet Heroes (and other Culture Heroes as well!)!

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