6 – The Lovers

Card:  6 – The Lovers

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  Two naked figures, reaching out to one another.  The figure on the left is female and has vestigial wings.  The figure on the right could be any sex, there is the suggestion of horns on hir head .  The lower parts of both bodies are obscured by shadow, suggesting fauns.  Face are also obscured, but by a bright light that seems to be generated by their gaze.   The heads of the figures are oversized, the tops look almost like skulls.  There is a silhouette of a scythe above them.

Character Analysis:  There is a tragic love story in the Vertigo ‘verse about an angel who fell in love with a Succubus.  It did not go well for either of them.

Astrological Attribution:  Gemini, Virgo

My Stuff:

Union of Opposites

Creation, fertility (bio or creative)

Lovers, intimate partners, completion

1 + 1 = 0 (Crowleyism).  Nothing is perfect, Nothing last forever

Life exists in balance:  order/chaos, light/dark, yin/yang

Banishment from the garden, paradise lost:  beginning of the true growth of humanity, serpent as redeemer

Harmony, love, union

Knowledge, morality, rebellion, punishment

Something valuable lost, so that something more valuable can be gained

Shiva destroys so Brahma can build

John Lennon & Paul McCartney


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