5 – The Hierophant

Card: 5- The Hierophant

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description:  Morpheus, Dream, The Sandman.  In his left hand he holds a six winged scepter, his right hand is raised in blessing.  The upper portion of his face is obscured, as though wearing a half mask.  Above his third eye floats a peacock feather.

Character Analysis:  Morpheus is literally the anthropomorphic personification of dream.  As a favorite character of mine, it is difficult to separate him from the tarot image.  The hierophant is the initiator in mystery religions.  Dreams reveal to us our own subconscious mysteries.  The character of Dream, at least early in his series, is very much a traditionalist, even hide bound – this suits the card’s association with dogma and traditional religions.

Astrological Attributions: Taurus, none

My Stuff:

Organized religion

Official, orthodox spirituality



The Old Way

Keeper of Secrets


George Harrison


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