2 – The High Priestess

Card:  The High Priestess

Deck:  The Vertigo Tarot

Visual Description: The face of an old woman, Mad Hettie, partially obscured by twine as though veiled.  Her right eye is covered, but her left perfectly clear.  On either side of her, where the pillars of Mercy and Severity are in a traditional High Priestess card, are two objects that are difficult to identify – for me they are reminiscent of windshield wiper blades and also of violin bows, but appear to be neither.  These objects support a newspaper over her head as though a makeshift shelter.  Her body appears to be wrapped in more twine and she is surrounded by brown paper bearing markings that resemble post marks or astrological diagrams.

Character Analysis: Mad Hettie is a homeless woman that appears in several Vertigo stories.  I know her from Hellblazer and Sandman.  She is mad, but she is also a prophet.  And strongly implied to be immortal.  Perhaps not the most dignified figure for the High Priestess, but an apt one nonetheless.

Astrological Associations: The Moon

My Stuff:


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Reason is not the only way to Truth

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“Isis Unveiled”

Janis Joplin


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