78 Days of Tarot

So, in addition to the Pagan Blog Project, which is a weekly post on pagan topics following the letters of the alphabet, Dusken over on Adventures on the Dusken Path has proposed a similar project:  78 Days of Tarot.  Now, I love Tarot imagery (and I’ve become obsessed with blogging in the last few weeks) so I figure I’d join in.  (I’m only committing to the Major Arcana at the moment.  So its more like 22 Days of Tarot, then we’ll see…)

As heads up:  my posts on this project will probably be shorter and more stream-of-consciousy than usual, since that’s how I react to Tarot.

I read from the Vertigo Tarot (by one of my favorite artists EVER: Dave McKean), Crowley’s Book of Thoth tarot, or the standard Rider-Waite, depending on the circumstances.  For this project I’ll be using the Vertigo deck as its less familiar to most people.  My interpretations, however may not come only from this deck, but also from my experience with other tarot over the years.

I’ll also include notes for the art project I’m working on – the Classic Rock Tarot. And the original painting on the few that are complete.   So there will be some silliness


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