0 – The Fool

Card: 0 – The Fool

Tarot: Vertigo Tarot (Based on DC’s Vertigo line of comics.)

Visual description: John Constantine (Hellblazer), Behind his head is a traditional Fool, almost a stick figure, about to walk of the edge of a cliff. His head is blurred and the image brightly lit as if these are his thoughts. Constantine has a dog with him, but it it skeletal. In the bottom left corner, three flowers.

Character analysis:  One of the greatest magicians in the Vertigo universe, or it’s greatest charlatan.  Or, quite likely, both.  Constantine is somewhat cynical by comparison to other Tarot fools, but he can be foolish enough for them all.  John seems to gather experiences. Though he never really goes looking for them, he’s always able to take whatever the Universe has to dish out.  The collateral damage, however, is occasionally spectacular.

Astrological Attributes:  Uranus

My stuff:

The Spirit in Search of Experience.

The soul that is open to all life has to offer. Vulnerable, yet powerful because of it’s openness.

The new born God, Dionysos, roaming the world with an army of madness and spreading his blessings.

potential, beginnings, spontaneity, openness, experimentation

Jim Morrison, of course


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  2. […] 0 – The Fool (introspectivemaenad.wordpress.com) […]

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