Pagan Quiz

I found this in someone’s old blog post and decided, what the heck.  I’ve got nothing better to do right now.

B A S I C S //
Do you have a magical/Pagan name? No
What does it mean? No
How did you find Paganism? A combination of Ray Harryhausen movies, Janet & Stewart Farrar’s “Witches Bible” and high school mythology classes.
How long have you been practicing?  20+ years
Solitary or group practitioner? Solitary, but not entirely by choice.
What is your path? Hellenic inspired polytheism
Are you out of the broom closet? Erm, as much as I would be if I were of any other faith.  I don’t discuss religion with people unless I know them well.

D E I T Y //
Who is your patron God?  Dionysos
Who is your patron Goddess? One patron’s plenty, thanks.
What Gods do you worship?  I worship the Greek pantheon, but also pay honor to Brighid for past assisstance.
Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddess, or rather respect them? All of my Gods have both bright and dark aspects.  I believe both fear and respect are appropriate.
Do you worship the Christian God? No, not as such.
Do you ever worship animals?  Why would I?  I wouldn’t worship animals any more than I would people.  I believe there is a lot I can learn from them and I honor and respect their spirits
Or plants?  See above, re: animals.

N A T U R E //
Do you regularly commune with nature? Yes.  I live down the street from a redwood forest.
Ever walked barefoot in the woods? I’m sure I have, but my toes are too tender these days.
Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature? Oh, hell yeah.
Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth? If by “Mother Earth” this means nature and not some specific goddess, it would probably have been hiking in the redwoods when I was a girl.
Do you have a familiar? No.  Though I once had a cat who liked to sit on my shoulder as I read occult books.  (And only occult books.)
Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual? No.
Or a plant? No.
Do you hug trees? Yes.
Give them gifts? Yes.
What is your favourite flower to work with? Rosemary.  (Hey, it flowers!)  Or, for something more floral, lavendar.
What is your favourite tree to work with?  Haven’t worked with trees much, but I am very partial to redwoods.

W H E E L . O F . T H E . Y E A R //
What is your favourite holiday?  I don’t celebrate the wheel, but when I did it would have to be Samhain.  Come to think of it, it still is.
What is your least favourite holiday?  The equinoxes, I suppose.  Never found much meaning in them.
Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday? Isn’t that kinda what holidays are for?
Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a Pagan holiday? No.
Do you celebrate Yule on the 21 rather than the 25? Depends on what day the solstice falls on.  The 21st or thereabouts.
Have you ever felt the veil thin? Yes.
Ever danced the Maypole? No.  But I’d like to.
Know what the Maypole symbolizes? Yes.
How do you usually celebrate the Pagan holidays? As I said, I don’t celebrate the Wheel of the Year.

D I V I N A T I O N //
Do you use Tarot? Yes
Do you use runes? No, but I think they’re pretty.
Do you use a pendulum? No, but I’m planning to learn.
Do you use dowsing rods? No.
Do you use Astrology?  Not as divination.
Any other form of divination? Bibliomancy is fun.

S P E L L S //
What was the first spell you did? Protection spell for a friend who thought a Satanist had cursed her.  (We were very young.)
What was the latest?  Money spell.
Ever done a love spell? Never had cause.
A job spell? Not yet.  May do so soon.
A healing spell? Yes.
What was the most powerful spell you’ve ever performed? Erm.  There was that time I changed my brother into a newt.  Seriously?
What deities do you usually call on? I don’t usually call on deities for magic.  If I need Their aid, prayer and offering is much more respectful, IMO.

C R Y P T O Z O O L O G Y //
Do you believe in Vampires? Energy vampires, maybe.  Humans who like blood, yes.
Werewolves? As in people who physically turn into wolves?  No?  See below.
Shapeshifters? Yes, it’s a technique used by spirit workers.  The change in form is (usually?) psychic, not physical, though.
Elves? Yes, I believe in a variety of nature spirits that have been called many things by different cultures. 
Faeries? Yes.  My Irish ancestors would not forgive me if I disrespected the sidhe.  Neither, of course, would the sidhe.
Dragons? Yes, but more the Asian interpretation than the European, I think.
Nymphs? Absolutely
Sprites?  Yes
Mermaids? Yes
Satyrs? Yes – would love to meet one
Ever “seen” any of the above? I don’t think most of these entities have a physical presence in our realm.
Ever talked to any of the above? Sort of.  When I talk to trees, I think of the dryads living within them.
Ever used any of the above in magic? “Use” sentient beings?  Very much no.
Do you have one of them as a personal guardian? No.  I imagine they have better things to do with their time.

R A N D O M //
Do you see a rabbit, a man or a woman in the moon?  I’ve always seen a tree.
Own a cat? Three of them.
When you meditate, what does your happy place look like? A forest
Do you work with Chakras? A little, when I work with Auyervedic herbalism.
Do you believe in past lives?  Yes.
If so, describe a few briefly:  “Believe in” and “have a clear memory of” are two different things.
Do you believe in soul mates?  Yes.  I married mine.
Do you have a spirit guide? Maybe.  We haven’t met.
Is it always love and light?  Take a look at the world and you tell me.  I think it could be someday, but it’ll take a lot of work.  In the meantime, some folks just need hexing.


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